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Define variable in another blueprint

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    yes you can set a a variable in another blueprint. First you create a variable and select the blueprint you want to use as type. (or use a "actor from class" with the bp selected or any other way to have your parent actor)
    Then you drag a "cast" from it.
    From this one you drag the variable you want set.
    But this is for usual blueprints which are in a level blueprint. Level blueprints are not common blueprints. It needs to send your datas from a level to another one.
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  • started a topic Define variable in another blueprint

    Define variable in another blueprint


    I wondered if it was possible to define a variable (text variable) in another blueprint.

    For example I have an open level function in a game mode which is used in every level.

    Now if instead of putting a name, I put a variable called "level name",

    Could I define that variable, the name, in for example the level blueprint of that current level?