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Please help me solve this (standing on cube to pickup)

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    Please help me solve this (standing on cube to pickup)

    So I have reached a bump in the road, for the last 3 nights I have watched countless tutorials and read plenty of documentation. I have tried blueprint after blueprint. I am now starting from scratch again on this to have a blank canvas. I have created an image of what I am trying to create.

    Player stands on a cube
    Press E
    cube goes away
    player can run around
    press E again
    the cube appears back under them

    see the attached image please

    if someone can please help me create this mechanic I will gladly pay you.
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    Do you want the cube that disappears to act like a cube that has been destroyed or like a cube that is invisible but you are still standing on it? And, if the player presses E when standing on the floor then the cube should appear with the player stood on top of it?

    Do a ray trace downwards from the player when you press E.
    If you hit a cube actor then destoy it.
    Your player will fall to the floor.
    Press E again and ray trace. If no cube is hit then spawn a cube at the player location and move the player up so he is standing on it.
    Is that it?


      The cube would act as if it would be destroyed:

      press E on top of cube
      the cube dissapears (destroys itself) the player now falls to the floor
      press E
      cube appears back under player
      player is now standing back on top of cube

      (pretty much stand on cube press E to essentially pick it up then E again to place is directly under where you're standing)

      I have tried several methods with no correct outcome.


        Create an actor called CubeActor. Give it a static mesh and try this:-
        It works for me.


          Hey I had to fly to St. Louis 5 or 6 days ago, and I just got back home I will try this in an hour and let you know how it works.


            OK, so I have done this and it's in the right direction but not correct. For example when I do this and press E I instantly am able to place a block under me, I should only be able to drop a block under me if I have already stood on one and picked it up, in this example it assumes I have already picked one up right from begin play. 2nd thing wrong is that the block placed doesnt fall to the ground it hangs in the air, when I go into the block and enable gravity then do it, it falls but not straight to the ground it hits the ground and moves