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sharing custom event in BP

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    sharing custom event in BP

    I looked trough serveral tut but on my unreal is not working. Did try change the loic or do I something wrong?

    I have a door with fbx animation and want to open is with keyboard this tut

    but on 5.20 no Custom event pop up.

    I tried serveral ways, but no one is working, even function will not shared trough blueprint.

    You have to create the custom event first. If you look at 5:05 you see the red "Door Open Close" node? That is a user created custom event. You can make one by right clicking in the editor graph and search for "Custom" and the option will appear. You then name it whatever you want. Then at 5:20 when he uses the reference to call that event it will show up in yours as well. I think you are referencing the wrong blueprint door. You need a reference to door 1 in door 2 in order to call events from door 1 in door 2. Check out video #1 and #25 for help understanding casting and references. I think that is where you are having trouble.
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      thanks but now I don´t understand anything more. The custom event will not pop up, maybe because of the wrong reference but how to get the right one? I don´t understand anything sorry. I´m totaly new to it.
      It possible to get the node network for it, or maybe a noob tut?
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        after playing with it i found it(really hard for the first time)
        is now on door2(trigger)

        in this state the custom event as an error but how to connect the blue pin?

        How to connect the stuff from picture above?

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          You should be able to connect the output from the cast node "As Hallentur 1" directly to the input pin on the "Custom Event 0". It seems "Custom Event 0" is an event within the "Hallentur 1" blueprint. Does that node not connect to the cast output? And I gave you a link to an entire playlist of "noob" tutorials haha They didn't help?


            as you see no.....

            is the output from hallentür not in the input from custom event? but the blue pin from custom event will not connecting with every thing....

            i Can´t even get this to work.... all things will be found but the box ist not moving... I don´t get it...

            Blueprint Runtime Error: "Accessed None trying to read property moving_box_reference". Blueprint: BP_triggerbox Function: Execute Ubergraph BP Triggerbox Graph: EventGraph Node: Move Box

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              found the error you need to set in the detail panel the box again. this script is now working.

              I don´t know why the buton input now working right in the actor blueprint. yesterday it doesn´t. But it works today.

              case closed
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                Glad you figured it out!