pretty new to UE, so please excuse my beginner questions:

I'd like to use a data table to populate / control elements in a character screen but I have a hard time getting things to work as expected.

Say my table looks like this
In the editor I'd like to choose a row via the first column, and then drive a umg text with the DisplayName, show the specified image and play a sound.
DisplayName DisplayImage Sound
Mike MikeTheGreat c:\images\mike.jpg c:\sounds\jeehaw.wav
Judy JudyTheTall c:\images\judy.jpg c:\sounds\wohoo.wav
Chris ChrisTheMighty c:\images\chris.jpg c:\sounds\giggle.wav
How would one go to try to set that up?
I created a struct that matches the above table and now I tried driving the text field of a text element with the DisplayName, I tried binding the result of a data table to a blueprint function in order to drive the text, but unfortunately the result of the function is not being shown as the text when pressing play (even setting an explicit return value for the function is not shown either).
I was also wondering if it is possible to promote a variable to the editor ui that might allow me to choose from the available names? (similar to using string tables?)

Sorry if I am missing something obvious, and thanks for any pointers or links to tutorials!