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Is it possible to make a full game using blueprint?

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    Is it possible to make a full game using blueprint?

    Hello everyone,,
    Unreal noob here. I use C# for my day job but using C# in the context of Unreal has come very slowly to me since there's such an overwhelming amount to learn, so I figured I'd start using Blueprints.

    I'm planning on making some smaller little projects to learn the basics of blueprints, just to get a feel for them, and really try to get familiar with them before moving back into the C++ side to learn the code.

    After a few sample projects are done and I decide to tech news free netflix set off and make an actual small "game", are blueprints an okay way to go? Can I get something actually playable and fun with them or will I eventually need to get into the code side before I hope to ship something fun?

    Bonus question - in your experiences, does starting with Blueprints aid or impair the learning and retention of C++ within Unreal? I'd eventually like to transition to making C++ projects and using Blueprints as a way to fill gaps rather than things done entirely with them, so am I on track with what I hope to achieve?
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    Search forums, this was answered multiple times. And yes you can make whole game in blueprints only.

    About learning, it all depends on your C++ skill level. If you know C# going to C++ in unreal is not that hard. Get some good tut and you will code C++ in no time.
    What is hard, is learning unreal api, C++ and editor at once. But you know programming so learning C++ or blueprints is matter of remembering some function names, does not matter if they on BP node or in C++ code.


      Definitely possible.

      While I'm unsure of the final state of the game, I think Helium Rain's early versions were built using blueprints almost exclusively.
      This may have changed, but it's worth looking into:

      Open source, but without assets, so it's perfect for learning some things