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please help stuck for 2 months,3d widgets wont show a widget with things binded or function updates

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    please help stuck for 2 months,3d widgets wont show a widget with things binded or function updates

    for 2 months I have been stuck, I have asked everywhere, discord, reddit, ect and nobody seems to know how to fix, if its an unreal bug, or a limitation of the engine.

    for the example lets use wes bunns free inventory found on the epic launcher under LEARN category

    if you take the main GAMEHUD, and make a 3d widget out of it, put it in the world and then start picking up the items, the only time the items get updated to the icons is in view port. the 3d widget wont show whats being picked up. so its not in sync with the game view port or what ever.

    I thought what ever happened on the viewport widget would show up in the 3d widget but its not the case.

    this creates problems as I am trying to use 3d widgets,

    can someone please download wes bunns free inventory and make a 3d widget of the gamehud to see what im taking about? Im using it because the code works and its made by someone whos in alot of epic videos so there are no mistakes in code.

    I have tried many different projects from inventory to quest systems and I cant get the 3d widgets to show whats going on in the viewports widget

    I have uploaded a gif file to show

    if its an engine limitation I will just move on,

    I've never done anything like this. So I find it interesting why it doesn't.

    If I had to guess:
    1. There is a slight reference problem. When I made my inventory system there are several places where it needs to have variables set to the other things for all the different things knowing what they are.
    2. It's a new object. So everything still references the old inventory stuff and that updates.
    3. There is nothing to cause an update in the 3D widget. You create it will all the current values. Then being something else when inventory changes nothing happens. Just setting something like the HP with an item to pick up might be a good test. See if a pick up changes the 3D widget. Then create a function on key press that gets the info and updates. My inventory system had to have an update slot function. And it targets a specific widget and specific "slot" widgets that are placed in them. That update function has to be called after almost anything I do otherwise it wont change even at pick up.
    If i copied the widget or created something else out of it, or even put the widget inside another widget that function wouldnt work properly.