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My Array isn't working.

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    My Array isn't working.

    I am almost completely new to Unreal and i am trying to create a xcom like game being more in a cs format, 2 'bombsites' an attacking team and a defending team. However i am unable to make the array of meshes with which my grid tiles will be assigned attach into the rest of the blueprint. If there are any other problems or inefficiencies within the document outside of the main issue i would appreciate any advice however the main target is the array. I have hit a brick wall with this and really don't know how to fix it.

    DwayneHardt It's looking like you have your types screwed up. I spent a long time doing this. I think your array needs to be 'reference to static mesh compnent'...

    As a rule of thumb, stuff that exists inside the BP will a component ( and you need to use nodes with 'component' in the name ), and things you place directly in the world are actors ( and then use nodes with 'actor' in the name ).
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