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animation change over time

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    animation change over time


    So I have a blueprint of a cube, it glows and stuff so I need it to be a blueprint and not just a static mesh. (this will become relevant later).
    I'm trying to create a wall of these cubes with them being offset with some of them rotating in one direction while others tumbling in another direction and some changing scale then back to normal scale.

    I was able to make a blueprint to have one for example rotate infinitely in the z rotation. and another in the y rotation. However what I want to be able to do is have a single cube rotate along the z rotation once then rotate along the y rotation once then back to rotating along the z once etc.
    I can't seem to get that to work however. I have looked up tutorials and found adding a timeline to change movements over time . However it only seems to be for static meshes. I tried setting it up exactly how the tutorial said but then got errors which im guessing its because instead of a static mesh i was trying to do it with the cube blueprint.

    Any help would be appreciated thanks
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    dmsblast2006 you're right to make it a blue print, but once in bp land you u have to use ...component... nodes to do the work. Also if using a timeline addrelativerotation won't work, u need setrelative rotation.