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[Network] CharacterMovement double jump replication

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    [Network] CharacterMovement double jump replication


    I'm testing movement replication in hard network conditions. I have big problems with double jump functionallity. In my game, jumping (movement basically) is very important to feel right and without latency, even with bad network. My game is more like co-op type game, not competitive.

    You can test that by creating default ThirdPerson project in unreal (I'm using 4.21), set "Jump Max Count" to at least "2" and play in standalone as listen-server.

    In client window set console variables:
    p.NetShowCorrections 1
    Net PktLag=500
    Net PktLagVariance=100
    Net PktLoss=15

    Now if you start spamming the jump button, you can see on client side that he seems to "fly", but of course it's not happens on the server.

    Here is a video of that problem (go to 1:40 to skip settings):

    I will be very grateful for any advice.

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      basically the client not replicating the event to the server right?


        Hmm, it is replicating. I mean overall, character movement component functionality is already replicated by default in code. Double jump works fine in good network conditions, at least what I know. In hard conditions it seems to be completly broken though.

        Maybe I'm completly wrong and It supposed to behave like this, but I don't think so :P (I know jumping is based on physics and it's not that easy to replicate, but already built in functionality should works great out of the box)
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