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Can you Please help me?

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    Can you Please help me?

    I'm struggling so much, trying to search for tutorials like the one I'm currently searching...

    So, hello, My name is Adriana, and Since I was a little girl, I always Loved evolution and Studying cells anc creatures... one of My favourite Game, As You could guess, I spore.

    So, i'm really hoping someone could help me, As I REALLY need to find a Way, to do this Mechanic.

    Basically, What I'm trying to achieve, Is a character creator, where You have sliders (I know how to do it) that can Morph your cell/creature, But then, I need a drag and drop&attach to actor feature In game.

    To make it simple to explain

    Like, I have this MenĂ¹ where it show the icon of the Actors/objects I can drag, and then I could Like, Place it wherever I want on the creature I'm making

    ex: i wanto an eye on the butt, I drag and attach it on the butt, And this in game!

    is it possible to make it? If I can, Can you please help me? :c

    thank you very much <3