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Questions about instances meshes and actors and performance

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    Questions about instances meshes and actors and performance

    I created a procedural grid that spawns a hand full of random Static mesh tiles as instanced static any size grid I specify. ( lots of repetition)
    and another BP that spawns the tiles as actors.

    In the spawned actor grid I am able to select each tile independently and change its rotation yaw, and other stuff, but I assume this method will be bad on performance due to the actors not being instanced and as far as I know that's not possible?

    The instanced static mesh grid should be great performance wise but I am unable to select tiles independently or edit there rotation on the fly, which is something that I want.
    Instead It selects all tyes of the same tile in the grid as a whole

    can I have some advice if instancing actors is possible for performance , or if being able to edit instanced meshes independently is possible

    You can use hierarchical instanced meshes for this, it pretty much handles the performance issues you might come, but there are also some plugins in the Marketplace which deals with this with added features you can't find on the hierarchical instanced meshes, you might want to look at this too.
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