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Is there way to profile a single specific blueprint only?

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    Is there way to profile a single specific blueprint only?


    despite watching about 5 hours of training on official Unreal Engine YouTube page, I was unable to find a clear answer on if it's possible to measure a performance of a single, specific blueprint. The profiler in UE4 seems to only be able to profile the entire game at a time, not specific parts of it.

    What I want to do is for example when I've figured out two different approaches to do something in Blueprints, I want to be able to compare those two approaches, and see which one takes more milliseconds to finish. Is something like that possible? When using profiler, there's so much noise from other parts of the engine I am having hard time finding the actual blueprint.

    In one of the video, Epic staff talked about some Blueprint Profiler which generates visual heatmap of performance of every node. That sounds like exactly what I need, but I can't find it anywhere in 4.21

    I have even managed to find a screenshot of something that looks like a Blueprint Profiler. But when I google it, it's as if it never existed, nor is it mentioned anywhere in the official docs
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