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How to go about creating an "Out of Combat" mode?

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    How to go about creating an "Out of Combat" mode?

    Hello forum users,

    before I describe what I'm trying to do, thank you for going through and reading my post, I appreciate it : )

    On to the actual thing:

    So basically, I'm using the paragon assets to create an RPG game for a big school project and it's my first time using the Unreal Engine (I think I bit off a bit more than I can chew, but no matter). The paragon model I'm using (Kallari) walks around with her swords out, and I noticed that her folder contains running animations without her swords out.

    How would I go about creating an out of combat mode (when the player is not near any enemies, to have their weapons unequipped and using that running animation instead of walking around with the swords out 24/7)

    Without any ue4/blueprints knowledge, I think what I need to do is go and create a boolean variable that is set to true whenever the player is detected X distance from an enemy model. When the variable is true, the normal animation states and everything is activated, and when it is false the special "Out of Combat" no weapon animations are activated. I'm not sure if this is correct or not, as I do not have too much knowledge about the engine and blueprints. I'm really confused on how to go about setting this up because the Kallari files are very complicated compared to the tutorials I've worked with.

    Also, I would guess that there would be an animation played between switching the states to show the weapons being taken out or put away?

    Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction in getting this to work?? Thank you again for reading. (and sorry if any of my vocabulary is wrong) If something was unclear, please leave questions, I 100% don't mind answering them if I wasn't clear enough.

    - Jester

    The way I did this was by making an Enum with two states: Out of Combat and In Combat. For animations, you would check to see if the character's enum is equal to In Combat to switch to the combat animations. I use the apply point damage and take damage functions to set the state.