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Why SphereTraceForObjects works with some object?

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    Why SphereTraceForObjects works with some object?

    Hi, I want to make an outline to object when player is looking at the object in front of him like this.

    I made this one by using SphereTraceForObjects detecting interactable object. It works for many objects however, doesn't work with the sword.

    I checked that I didn't forget to add tag and make it as an interactable like others, but still the sword doesn't has any outline.

    In my attach photos, there are blueprints for this function. I try printing out the object that SphereTraceForObjects can detect. It did print the cube out, but not the sword. So, I think it can't see my sword, but I don't know why.

    Any help please

    Do your sword have right collision channel setting? Maybe you can check your other normal meshes' collision channel and make the sword the same as them.