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Load Several Stream Levels at once

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    Load Several Stream Levels at once

    I have several stream levels that I am trying to load at one time. I have all 5 saved into an array. Is there a way to load all 5 at once? I was thinking I could plug it into a ForEachLoop and plug that into a Load Stream Level, but that only loads the first item in the array. So maybe I am misunderstanding how that node works.

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    Did you ever figure out why this is? I have the same issue when trying to use a "for each" to unload a bunch of levels listed in an array. | Marketplace Page | Twitter


      I had a quick look at the Engine code. The LoadStreamLevel and UnloadStreamLevel are latent actions that only get queued up if there isn't already one running. Therefore, a for-loop won't work. The node will simply ignore any additional calls after the first one, and there will be no error messages in the log. You'll have to detect when the first level is loaded/unloaded, then load/unload the second one, and so on.

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