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    Started using Niagara, and really liking it over cascade, but have hit an issue with parameter collections. It dosnt seem to update in Ed nor from the BP. It will however update at runtime through the parameter collection itself.

    Any fixes for this?


    Hello, I think you need to use 'Get Niagara Parameter Collection' and set Non BluePrint.


      Yeah, i also love Niagara!

      I have 2 problems and i already made like 3 posts and it seems like nobody cares.... cero answers, and Cascade Will be removed from Unreal (confirmed by Dev Team) so people should worry a bit more about learning Niagara wich its WAY more advanced, well, my 2 problems are: 1) i cannot make Niagara variables to appear at the Data Tables, i do can add them to an Structure, but they are been ignored completly at the Data Table, don´t know what to do. 2) Black materials for smoke look perfect inside Niagara´s preview, but they look orange in the viewport (the only color that has looked completly different so far).

      I think Niagara rocks! it´s very easy to make FX and best organized, Cascade took me a lot of time to understand and tons of tutorials…. but Niagara has litteraly…. a couple of borring tutorials out there, and i already created soo many effects with Niagara, like explosions, smoke, muzzle flash, ImpactFX, fire, magic healing…. OMG so easy! but i think it needs serious bug fixes, it has crashed like 30 times so far… i got tired of sending reports, so i need to be constantly saving, about every 10 minutes to avoid loosing my progress, everything else its perfect!
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        Hi. I'm very new to unreal, love it so far. I'm working with Niagara, and as RoccoFX mentioned, I've done the boring tutorials, and manged to create some effects.!
        I'm a little stuck at the point of executing the effects work in a timeout sequence of events for a cinematic.
        I'm using a Niagara Parameter Collection to consolidate the controls over a few Niagara systems, and I wanted to add the controls to Sequencer.
        BUT. I'm unable to drag the Niagara Parameter Collection into Sequencer as per a Material Parameter Collection. I get a "No spawner found to create new spawnable type" error.
        Has anyone experienced this? are there any work arounds? or alternative workflows? I heard blueprint could be used to combine multiple systems, but I've not started my Blueprint journey yet.