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How to pixelate a material?

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    How to pixelate a material?

    So I've been searching across the web for the past 30 mins and found loads of ways to *unpixelate* and render things better...
    But I am making a pixel themed game, and I can't find anything besides using post process...

    have borrowed a water material (free-to-use) and I wish to pixelate it...
    Is there a way to pixelate this material? (it's animated btw)


    Here is a video by project-Shasta, which should help you out:

    The only thing he does is putting in into a material function, which you can create by right clicking in your project's folder view and select "Materials & Textures" -> "Material function".

    For you convenience I made the material without a material function and it looks like this:

    The "PixelSize" is just a parameter. You can create one by right clicking in the material editor and type in "scalar parameter".Give it a name and a number. If you don't want to recompile everytime in the material editor and you only want to change the pixelation, just create a material instance and apply it to your object.^^

    Hope it helps
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