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    Video Texture loop & selector

    Hey UE4 people,

    I'm new to this software environment, certainly not new to 3D arts but I have a close deadline to deploy a job in UE4 through HTC Vive and I'm short on time to figure it out on my own.

    I have a video texture applied on a face, replicating the effect of a projection mapping over a chimney for a client.

    1)I can't figure out how to make the video loop? Any ideas what I am missing?
    2)Is there a way to have the HTC controller to handle the brightness of the projection/texture?
    3)under the same logic, is there a way to make the projections/textures interchangeable, in a dynamic way? (also ideally from the controller)

    Would appreciate any guidance, I have a deadline in 48hs >.<