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    Character Selection


    I am trying to make a character selection screen, but in UI, and I am very confused about the logic of the next and previous character buttons, as I am doing it in UI I need Scene capture 2d

    So, what I have done:

    -Scene 2DCapture Camera, Made Mat, Put Mat on Img in my UI [Works]

    Now what I am very confused about or maybe am I just missing the obvious, I cannot figure how to:

    Click Next, show new character(change mat from image in UI) that is fine, but then ? If i click next again, or previous I am confused about how to go back to previous character or to next, and after all that choosing the character and playing with it.

    I really do need some advice or help on this,
    many thanks.

    Why are you using UI for displaying character inside a character selection screen?

    You know that a level can also be a menu, like a character selection screen? Why using Scene2D capture when you have a real 3D environment?

    what you can do:

    1) Create a new level
    2) You can place some background or create a real small environment
    3) now create your widget and your UI
    4) when a character is selected (image or button) or when you click on next character button you can SPAWN an ACTOR inside the level at the chosen location and rotation

    you need to work probably with array for checking if a character is already spawnen and destroy it before show the next one, i'm using this system and works really well, i've also implemented some enumerator.

    then you can save inside some variable the chosen character and spawn it inside the combat level

    scene 2D capture is not really needed when you can spawn a character in the level direcly and with less effort, a LOT of games spawn character in this way, like Mortal Kombat, PUBG, injustice and many more.

    if you need some example screenshot let me know.
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      I wanted to use 2d, because my menu is my main level and wanted it to be part of the UI i created, but it makes more sense yws, I will go with the 3d option which I can do without problem, so thank you very much for the help!!



        No problem, if you want to use 2D you need to work probably with array and enumerators for storing data and know what is the current character, what is the previous and what is the next one, but I think creating a 3D environment and spawn character is really cool and you don't need to create 2D, texture, materials and so on , you can even add mouse rotation if you want and a lot of cool animation and sfx, other than a real environment as background.


          Yeah tbh I really don't know what I was thinking, I went for 3d in the end which looks so much better, I am working with lots of branches which I am good at, so the result is nice:

          I just have really bad framerate issues(android), will post another thread if I cannot fix it before launch.
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