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Blackboard/BehaviourTree - Invalid movetolocation

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    Blackboard/BehaviourTree - Invalid movetolocation


    i got a problem with me Blackboard / BHT or what ever the real problem is.

    My BHT has simple states in it - Roaming and Follow Player -

    finding a random point on the navmesh is working fine and the AI just moves there, but somehow he gets trouble setting a location vector to the player pawn.

    The pawn gets detected, no problem, but the "movetolocation" will be invalid.

    I first thought the problem is that the player pawn is moving along a spline so the location is false, but with a simple "ai move to (player in this case)" it just works and it follows.

    I followed Tesla Dev's AI BHT tutorial in case somebody cares ( )

    Hope someone can tell me whats wrong here :<

    nobody :'( ?


      Looking at your BPs, everything looks fine to me. The only possibility is that your random location around the Player falls outside of the Nav mesh volume maybe? Try to decrease the radius to something like 100 and see if it makes a difference. Also make sure the Player is inside the Nav Mesh volume and test again.
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        Well i understand, but isnt it searching for a navigatable point anyway ? But i will try to give it a shot, thank you

        *Edit* Nvm, i didnt remember that i changed it for the direkt location of the player. Sadly i cant simulate it because only if i posesse the player pawn it gets recognised correctly. If i simulate the player location is updated correcty on the debug, but it flips between "seend und unseen" ... im so lost there

        *edit 2* So i also noticed that the AI is actually focusing the default controller of my pawn, i made a new one and made the controller "attach to pawn" but for what ever reason its still the
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