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Endless runner. Moving world are big problem?

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    Endless runner. Moving world are big problem?

    Hi guys

    If you looks that tutorials you probably can imagine what we can "swap" all game logic and set our player stand still on 0.0.0. location, while we just move BP_FloorTile by adding to that BP some event tick and addlocaloffset.
    But actually - we dont. If we trying to move BP_FloorTile instead of player we will not spawn next BP_FloorTile on correct spawn location.

    Look at screenshot. Here's BP_FloorTile have some AddActorLocalOffset on Event Tick. All other logic should be the same: when player overlap with box collision of the first BP_FloorTile - we spawn next tile on complitely wrong location.

    Can some one explain why thats happenig?

    Answer founded: dont even try to use overlap events for that kind of tasks (: