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2 identical (almost) actor bp. One always fail.

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    2 identical (almost) actor bp. One always fail.

    Hi guys

    Making some endless runner game. Goal are to have 2 world pieces which changing each other.
    So i have 2 mostly identical actors, called: master_tile and second_tile
    -> cast to -> second_tile
    second_tile -> cast to -> master_tile
    and thats all difference in that BPs.

    As you can see BP are pretty simple. When master_tile get to world_end BP, i call custom event get_spawn_point where i get some end points of last world piece (child_tile) and same for child_tile when we overlap with world_end trigger.

    Problem: when master_tile reach world_end spawning point of second_tile are always wrong. When child_tile are firing same cycle the spawning point of master_tile are always correct. Thats mean what: when master_tile firing all that events i have some gap between tiles. And if events are firing by second_tile spawning position are okay and there's no gap between tiles.

    What im doing wrong? I double checked spawn position placeholders and everything else, but still have that issue.
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