Hi, i have a main level (world) and several secondary levels (underworlds), to enter to a secondary level, my character drives a flying pawn , it posseses this plane, and fly to this underworlds, when it reaches a trigger, the secondary level loads, when he finishes killing every creature, it has to return to the main level (all this should happen keepeng main character in possesion of the plane), i cant just change to the plane and load the plane alone without player inside, it has to stay in possession, main character has to stay inside the ship, then how to keep this pawn possesed while going from one level to the other?

If i get my "game save" and open a secondary level or return to main level, it starts without stay in possesion of the flying ship, so my character appears at current location in mid air and starts falling… no idea how to make this work and stay in possession of current pawn when going from one level through the next.

Please help!