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Widget z-order problem

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    Widget z-order problem

    Hi, I am having a problem with having some widgets working with drag n drop. I have a few widgets,

    • Main HUD that has life, heath etc.
    • Quickbar that has 10 widgets for gear.
    • Inventory main widget, when the player hits the Tab key.

    When the game starts I call a function that creates and hides all of my widgets. Then I call a function that displays the basic widgets I need to be visible like the main HUD, Cross-hair etc.

    This is what I want to happen; I open my inventory by pressing the Tab key, and the inventory main widget shows and it does. Next I want to drag my inventory item to the quickbar widget at the bottom of my screen, this used to work in an older project but doesn't any more. I know how to the drag and drop but my problem is that the quickbar must be behind some other widget because nothing will fire on the quickbar widget unless I make the z-order higher than the inventory main widget. By making the the z-order higher on the quickbar then my inventory item buttons aren't able to be selected. I'm totally stumped here. I tried making the z-order on both the same too and only one will work. I disconnected everything in my quickbar widgets and just put a simple print string in the Event On Mouse Enter to see if it is alive or works, it just won't fire if the inventory main widget works.

    The quickbar is shown all the time unless my main menu is open, that's why it isn't in the Main HUD widget, but I could actually place it in there and just make it invisible when not needed...

    Click image for larger version

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    Any input/links is appreciated, Thanks for reading.