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UNREAL - How to create and share images of your BP at the forum with Office - Fast & Easy

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    UNREAL - How to create and share images of your BP at the forum with Office - Fast & Easy

    Ok, i made this post, because i feel sometime it saves a lot of time to share BP images instead of explaining too much and getting confuse, some people i think they feel like its to complicated to create a print screen image from the screen, load or paste in an image software like Corel or PS, then edit and upload in here.

    This is the 10 seconds, easy way, with Windows and Office, program required: One Note,

    Step 1: replicate a BP as an example at Unreal.
    Step 2: press: Win+Shift+S (One Note option to crop-create images from the screen)
    Step 3: drag to crop-select the area.
    Step 4: Open a One Note page and: Ctrl+V
    Step 5: Right clik the image, and "save as" (image might look small but it isn´t)

    That´s all you need, then you just upload it in the fórum, wich i belive has one of the best image upload systems, easy and lots of options. Thanks
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    Alternative option is to copy paste the BP nodes into It lets you zoom in and out without loss of resolution and you can copy paste the nodes from it quickly.


      You do not need Office for that.

      Windows has a build in snipping tool (%windir%/system32/SnippingTool.exe), it even comes with a delay shutter and some modes (windows, free form and so on) and very basic editing tools for annotations/highlights, you can copy & paste its clipboard, too. Make a shortcut to the executable (or pin it to the taskbar) and bind it to a key.

      Also, blueprint nodes are text so you can paste this into your graph:


      Next time someone asks why blueprints are somewhat slow, show them that
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