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Event Generation Upon Actor Begin Overlap With Primitive

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    Event Generation Upon Actor Begin Overlap With Primitive

    So, say, I created an Empty Actor, assigned a Spline Blueprint to it, and then added it a Box Collision component. Its path leads it to overlap with another static mesh. When they collide, I want them to generate a particle system - an explosion. How can I do it?

    Now, I have attempted quite a set of things. At first, since this path is set to a specific time, I attempted to time this explosion. Now, it is possible that I did this wrong, however, my attempts turned out a failure, since every single time I ran the simulation, the particle system would just reproduce itself continuously for the entire timeline given. Then, I attempted using the OnComponentBeginOverlap (for the collision box), however, I was unable to find the location of the static mesh. Same went on with the actor. I have attempted the GetOverlappingActors, but then again, it is incompatible with the AddParticleSystem node. I have also attempted making another actor right next to the static mesh, to see whether I could do anything with it, however, once again, I was unsuccessful.

    How would I tell the Engine to generate a particle system at a location upon collision of two, non-player meshes? Is there any other way, other what I might have suggested above?

    Isn't there a node from oncomponentBeginOverlap that you can break a struct pin and get the hit location?
    If not, add the particle when it overlaps from the component that was overlapped (otherComponent) if it is relatively small