Hello everybody, I've been trying to create my own VR multiplayer template for a few weeks now. I know that there is also Proteus, but I also try to understand the logic behind it. I already manage to create a LAN Game and join it with another computer on the network. However, the host loses as soon as the client joins the controlle via its right motion controller. That means teleport and any other functions will not work anymore. The host, as well as the client play the "gripping animation" of the hands unfortunately only on the left MotionController. Although the host is able to use the teleport function, it does not teleport itself, but strangely teleport the client ... I guess it has something to do with the assignment/possessing of the controllers. But I do not know for sure. I built everything after the Unreal Live Training Tutorial (third person). I hope so much that you can help me. In attach are a few screenshots regarding the used game mode and player controller.
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