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Developing mobile game with blueprints?

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    Developing mobile game with blueprints?

    Hi there!

    The thing is that I have been learning blueprints for a while, now I can say I am decent, and I was planning on doing a full game in my free time, and the first think that comes in to my mind is the platform.

    So, is it really a possibility doing a game with unreal for mobiles (I heard that one of the bad things would be the size of the game)??? And if it is possible doing it with unreal, doing it with blueprints instead of programming could give more problems of perfomance?

    Saying that I won't do a super complicated game with visuals and FX's. The one that I have in mind is really similar to a MMORPG web based ( and it would have simulated 2D fights, very simple ones, like these ones (

    Thank you so much!!!!!

    Programming the actual gameplay is OK, but be ready to dabble in some C++ when working on mobile with UE4. For example, if you plan to use any sort of plugin that includes code you should at least be capable of compiling C++ code.