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UNREAL UE4 - Impossible to reference an object in Unreal 4.19 - image attached

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    Only the level Blueprint allow you to add a reference directly into the Blueprint. What you want to do to reference the cube is to make a cube or simple actor reference and check "Instance editable" on the variable (or click the closed eye to open it). Then place your TeleportBase BP in the level and look at the detail panel and assign the cube to the reference variable.

    Step 13 is the important step in this guide.

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    Two possible issues -
    Is that a mesh, or a box brush? You can't reference geometry (BSP) in a blueprint. Also, if you are using level streaming, make sure that that actor is in the Teleportbase level, and not in one of the other levels that you have added. You can only reference the actor in the level blueprint for the level the actor is in.

    edit: Actually I was just assuming you were in a level blueprint.
    You can't reference actors directly like that in an actor blueprint. You instead have to add a variable of that class in your blueprint, set it to be editable, and when you place an instance of your actor blueprint in your level you can set the reference to your actor in the level in the details panel of your blueprint actor.
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  • UNREAL UE4 - Impossible to reference an object in Unreal 4.19 - image attached


    For some reasson, its been imposible to reference any object at any blueprint in Unreal Engine 4.19, am i doing something wrong?

    image attached.
    Click image for larger version

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