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Creating a clickable 3D Map for binding blueprints into world space.

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    Creating a clickable 3D Map for binding blueprints into world space.

    Hey guys!

    Do you have any recommendations for implementing a clickable 3D map? I need your thoughts on this because currently, I'm not sure how to set it up.

    1. What am I doing:

    I'm currently programming a racing game where the player should be able to set his own track in a free, open world system via checkpoints (blueprint is already built). I want to visualize it for the player in a drop-down perspective. So the Player is pressing a key, will have a 3D Map in front of him, is setting the checkpoints A,B,C, clicks start and created his own race. Please have a look at the attached scribble.

    2. How would I do it?

    I thought about switching from my existing vehicle camera to a different "top-down" camera by pressing the Key C ( C for checkpoints). The camera will cover the complete map from a top-down perspective. If the camera/map is launched the mouse cursor will be tracked by Get hit result under cursor by channel. With the tracking of my cursor, I should receive the location in world space as an output where i would bind my blueprint checkpoint to it.

    I would love to know what your solution for this case would be. And if mine is good enough, would it be cheap from a performance point of view?