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[4.19] Why does my disconnected "Parent: Construction Script" node run anyway?

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    [4.19] Why does my disconnected "Parent: Construction Script" node run anyway?

    Hi everyone, first post so please inform me if I break any forum etiquette

    I'm following the Endless Runner tutorial for my first project ( That tutorial was written for 4.7 but I'm runnign 4.19

    I'm creating the FloorTile_RightCorner component. The instructor goes into the Construction Script and disconnects "Construction Script" from "Parent: Construction Script", and that causes the coins and blocker to stop spawning. When I disconnect those nodes in the FloorTile_RightCorner script, it seems that that has no effect, and the parent construction script still fires and spawns the coins and blockers.

    However, if I manually connect the "Construction Script" node to ANYTHING else (for example "Execute Console Command" with no command string) then the blueprint seems to 'notice' that it's not connected to the Parent: Construction Script and correctly never spawns coins/blockers.

    Of course, I don't want to have to run an empty command to prevent running the parent script. I thought simply disconnecting them would be enough. What's going on here? Why does the Parent: Construction Script fire despite not being connected in my Construction Script?