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How can I get Hit Events from Owners of Blueprint Components

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    After 2 days of research I found the answer. I'll post it for anyone else googling this issue in the future.

    How to get event from owner of component;

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    Hmm well I guess I could word it better.
    Technically here's my situation.

    I have a Blueprint Actor. It has a mesh component that is simulating physics and it generates hit events.

    I want to make an "Actor Component" That I can attach to my Blueprint Actor ((And any other Blueprint Actor that also has physics and generates hit events)) And I want this Actor Component to respond to Hit Events.

    As in, every time my Blueprint Actor generates a Hit event, I want to register that in my Actor Component. I want to achieve this entirely within the Actor Component, and not have to have extra blueprints nodes in the Blueprint Actor itsself to pass the event up to the Component.

    I need this because I'll have hundreds of unique Blueprint Actors. I don't want to manually edit eachone's blueprint. I just want to use a single Actor Component for all of them.

    Edit: This is a screenshot of my Actor Component blueprint.

    I use a "Get Owner" node and that's good. But how can I get the owner's events?
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    Let me translate what you are asking

    the actor is just a static object/mesh, and the blueprint component is the player
    You are saying that the hit event won't trigger with the player or actor?
    In order to make it work, simply open the actor or player blueprint, click on the collision box or the actor itself, search in the details for Collision. In collision check the Stimulate hit events box.

    It gave you a custom event because that does not exist in the blueprint you pasted that hit event. You need to cast the hit event from the actor to the player. Make sure you connected the Other Actor from the hit event to the Object in the Cast to Player node. It should now send the trigger event to the player

    Always make sure you wrote the words properly if you want other people to understand you, and send some pictures of the blueprint you're having problem with

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  • How can I get Hit Events from Owners of Blueprint Components

    Simple question, I have a blueprint component.

    And have an actor. Said actor generates hit events.

    How do I access those hit events from my Blueprint Component blueprint? ((Without having to make any custom blueprints for the actual actor.))

    I tried copy-pasting the Hit event node from a regular blueprint into a blueprint component, but it converted it into a custom event and it didn't work.

    Thanks in advance!