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Variable Monsters, any thoughts on simplifying

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    Variable Monsters, any thoughts on simplifying

    Going have monsters in my game. Was thinking of setting them up so that when they spawn they can have a bunch of random "templates" that MIGHT be applied.

    For example I was just working on a set up for having them larger. (pic included, pretty sure i will not be needing x5) but this guy is simple and just has a 50% chance of being x5 size.

    I would like to have each thing set up with a chance of happening, the "strongest" ones being the most rare. So on a REALLY unlucky run it WOULD be possible for a monster to be gigantic, flaming, plague ridden whatever.

    For size, as I would most likely limit it, it makes sense to me for a switch on int.
    But then I realized I might want some smaller 2%-3% values.

    I an see many ways to do this
    Really large switches
    using many branches

    Just wondering if anyone has tried/done this and came up with a good quick way to deal with it? Some type of weighted switch would be really Awesome actually.
    Where in the details panel you could set that it would use this option X% this option Y%
    Default would automatically update when you compiled to bring it to 100%
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