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Having no save created to going to first level.

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    Having no save created to going to first level.

    Okay so I fixed my problem from yesterday with the save game issues for my game, but now today I have come across a new issue. The issue is that when you select the difficulty in my game and if no save has been made to open a level, then it won't send you to the first level after making a save. If a save exists pointing to a level, then it works just fine, and it opens the level as it should. Heres a few screenshots of my blueprinting in my main menu widget.

    When you create the save, you don't need the cast to...just go from create save game object to Set you object, then save to slot.
    This may not be making it past that cast on the create save side of things. To check, put a print string on the failed pin from the cast node...
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