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Cannot blueprint any input in VR Template!

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    Cannot blueprint any input in VR Template!

    Hi All,

    I've just started to learn Unreal Engine 4 and it's great!

    However, as a small project I've tried to make my own Lightsaber VR experience. It so far has turned out brilliant, however I would love to have a feature which allows users to toggle between hilts/blade colour.

    So far, I just want to change the hilt (one child actor to another), and thought I could just toggle the visibility of the mesh in the event blueprint. However, no input is being received on both the keyboard and my oculus rift touch controllers!

    I am new to this, so I was just wondering: what am I missing? And how can I fix this?

    Also, if it helps, all of this is happening inside the event graph of the BP_MotionController blueprint that comes with the VR template.

    Thanks for the help!


    You should put the input in the character blueprint instead. Unless you don't want to then you'll need to hook up a Enable Input node on begin play.
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      Thank you so much! I was looking for this magical "Enable Input" for hours!