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    Elastic band


    I am currently making a new game for mobile, and i have already ran in a problem.

    I have been trying to make an elastic band wich I can pull by swipping down and releasing it would then throw the ball(wich is attached on begin play), so I was wondering where to start with this.

    bear in mind I have already implemented the swiping mechanism in the level blueprint wich works, but i dont see how I could make it that swipping down bends the elastic(cable component) nor can i get acces to the swipping as it is in level blueprint.

    Picture attached.

    many thanks,

    If it was me Id probably cheat and split the elastic band into two individual cylinders, then just rotate and scale them to stay with the ball, you could maybe even have a morph target which squashes the cylinders in the middle to exagerate this effect. Then have a third piece of elastic that goes around the back of the ball.
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      Many thanks for the advice ! I will get onto that asap, Have a great day !