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Event Dispatchers dont work

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    Event Dispatchers dont work


    I try to establish the communication between 2 blueprints, but it does not work.

    I followed this tutorial, but i don't know what i'm doing wrong.

    Both actors are place within the level.


    does the overlap even occur?
    Make sure your Collision settings are both set to overlap


      I get the message that a collision has occurred.

      This is just an example of how I tried to establish communications in between Blueprints

      but no matter what I try, the binding event will not fire.

      I think my problem are the references.

      But I do everything as described.

      If try "Get player Character" as Reference it works.

      But a variable as Reference to the same character did not work.


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        It didn't work because Reference to the character is EMPTY. You cannot just add a variable with the type of the desired actor.
        What if there are 5 Third Person Characters in game? Engine doesn't know to which specific character variable is referring to until you set it.

        You are on the good path though. You can set up a proper reference on BeginPlay event and use it later.

        Back to your original question. Event isn't fired because reference is empty (the one you are trying to bind event to). I reckon error should pop up when you end playing in editor.
        Click image for larger version

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          Thanks it Worked.

          I have another question. How do I communicate with a widget within another Blueprint Actor.

          My widget is directly in the level as an interactive screen through this actor, but I can't create a reference to this widget.


            The solution of exadi is plain wrong.

            In your overlap Event, drag off "Other Actor" and cast it to your Third Person Character and set your variable from there.
            You don't need a separate reference to it.


              thanks Raildex, I got that problem on top. But I can't get an interaction between 3d widget and another blueprint.

              How do I make the Reference between them?

              my event Dispachters only work if I access the widget via Add to viewport, but if I interact with it via another actor within the level nothing happens.


                Here's a thorough video on blueprint communications: