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When Actor Blueprint is Touched Cant get to work

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    When Actor Blueprint is Touched Cant get to work

    I have tried to capture the screens to what I have currently setup, but here is an explanation of what I'm trying to do and what i have created. When this game runs, I want someone to be able to click parts of this pole (Parts are Actor class Blueprints), and the camera will change to that part view.

    I have a crossarm Blueprint of Actor Class
    I have created an Blueprint Interact interface with 2 function "DeadendCrossarm4-Pin" & "DeadendCrossarm3-Pin_Style01", representing the name of the actor that get touched.
    Player Controller "BP_CameraPlayer_Controller", has "enable touch event" checked, and trace channel set to visibility of 10,000

    The Camera that the touch event will occur from has:
    Get worldRotation, GetForwardVector, piped into the "Start & End" Line Trace channel, I then break out the hit result & send a message through the BP_Interface, so the Actor can react, allowing me to posses another camera closer to it.

    I also have a UI Widget setup in a blueprint that ultimatly will be inside of the crossarm blueprint that I want to be clickable. Using Editor UE4.18 on Windows 10 System

    Not sure if this is the best was to accomplish this, but I have attached screen shots of what I have done so far and cant get it to work.