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[SOLVED]Cant destroy weapon actor on client

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    [SOLVED]Cant destroy weapon actor on client

    I try to destroy the client weapon from the GameMode BP where I re-spawn the player but it only work on server... I use (Get Attached Actor) then (For Each Loop) and (Destroy Actor) to destroy the player weapon on re-spawn. On server there is no more weapon left behind and those from the client seen by the server are also destroyed but on the client each time the player re-spawn there is a weapon floating in mid air... As I can see GameMode BP's only run on server, I cant use print string on clients to see what is going on, it only work on server. Any help would be appreciate. Here a picture of what I try to do,
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    The GameMode only exists on Server. You are building a weapon logic on the GameMode if I'm understanding correctly.

    Since only the Server handle your weapon actors, it means these actors have to be replicated if you want them to be tied to their client instances.

    IE if you want the weapon to be destroyed everywhere when the server destroys it.

    If you just set your weapon to be replicated it will work. Usually you don't want to just tell stuff to be replicated, you want to think about your system and how to optimize it but I can't do that for you.
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      I fixed this by using a (event destroyed) inside my third person character and I destroy the equipped weapon...