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Elevator that moves up/down doesn't work

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    Elevator that moves up/down doesn't work

    Hi! I was trying to do an elevator as in title, but when animation play and I try to "play reverse" it resets its position and I must go down with character to play reverse. I attach the blueprint.

    Your blueprint screen shot tells us nothing beyond that you're triggering the event. You need to show us the actual Play Reverse code. However, if you want to make an elevator that functions in game, you want to use a timeline instead of a movie sequence. Sequencer is mostly for cut scenes.

    So basically what I've done here is Get the elevator mesh and Set it's Relative Location. Then in the Timeline itself you create a Float track and add in two frames, one at Time 0 with a value of 0 and one at time 10 with a value of 1. This way, over a period of 10 seconds, it will blend the position of the Elevator from 0 (down position) to 1 (up position). Then you make the X, Y and X float functions public so you can change their values when you place the elevator into the level. So if you want the elevator to only move straight up and down you only need the Z value. If you want it to move 800 units, then when you place it into the level you type 800 into the Z float. Then over 10 seconds, the elevator will move 800 units. If you want to adjust the speed of the elevator, you just Get your Timeline from the Components list, and drag off it's pin and type Set Play Rate. Where it says New Rate, drag off there and choose Promote to Variable and call this Elevator Speed and make it Public too. The if you adjust the value of the Elevator speed it's a modifier of the 10 seconds in your timeline. So 0.5 means it will take 5 seconds to move that distance (half of 10) and 2 means it will take 20 seconds to move that distance (double 10). If you also want your elevator to be able to move forward and back a bit, then the X and Y values gives you that ability.