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PSA "Not Stably Named" desync caused by using "." in a component name

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    PSA "Not Stably Named" desync caused by using "." in a component name

    I've already reported this on answerhub

    Simply put, if you name... say a static mesh component to Leg.L or Leg.R or Toe.L, Toe.M, Toe.R ect
    the game will work fine, until you enable replication for those components then the game will kick out clients when you spawn said character.
    With this error:
    Stably named sub-object not found. Component: [6]TrainingMech_C_0.[28]Leg.L, Actor: TrainingMech_C_0

    Simple remove "." from the name, and now replication will work.

    Just trying to save someone else from tearing their perfectly fine game apart for 40+ hours...

    This is in 4.19 (for sure) but most likely many other versions....
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    Thank you for the heads up!
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