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UNREAL UE 4 - How you make a movable object not to move when you hit it?

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    UNREAL UE 4 - How you make a movable object not to move when you hit it?

    Hi, i created a massive space ship and created a BP without physics, just pawn collision... BUT for some weird reason each time my small character touches it.... It moves... LOL its a hudge ship and an small hit makes it to rotate or translate.... i do want it to have pawn or character collisions.....but no to react like that.

    Please help, BP images much appreciated.
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    Definitely check 'Simulate Physics' in UnTicked on every single-component inside the Blueprint...
    That includes the parent, and any child meshes, plus all and any kinds of collision boxes etc etc.

    Otherwise I can't really see how you might be getting this kind of result without it being ticked on.
    Because the other options will cause overlap / hit events to occur but won't cause motion/impact.

    Are you dragging the ship into a level then adding another collision box with physics turned on?
    UDK had a Can-Become-Dynamic option in the static-mesh editor, but don't think UE4 has that...

    If you find Physics is on and need it, Linear/Angular Damping will help tweak the impact amount....


      Every Physic is off....but it still moves when character hits it... here a pic of my config:

      Click image for larger version  Name:	stillmoves.png Views:	1 Size:	71.8 KB ID:	1449688

      Also i tried to work around Linear Damping without any resoult...
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        If you really want help to solve this, you need to show way more than that dude.
        Include screenshots of EVERYTHING in the left pane object component list (Self).
        i.e. The hierarchy in the BP from root down... Including each of their properties etc.
        Don't expect 'Damping' will do much, or have an effect on objects with Physics off...

        Is the ship resting on a surface.... Wondering if Physical-Materials is a factor here...


          I finally solved it!!!! And of course i share my solution:

          Franktech comment actually helped...even if he doesn´t say possible solutions it make me think that this problema might had not been caused by mesh physics.

          The problem was caused by "deflect when collinding" this is part of FlyingPawn in the Event Graph, it allows the ship to make this physic reaction and change position when during flight it hits something, the problem is that it was actually making my ship to move when in the floor my character hits it.

          Solution: I created a Branch between Event hit and set actor rotation in "deflect when colliding", then i added as condition a boolean variable (get), then in my characterBP i added at the end of my possesion of the ship the same variable (set), this means when my character is not in possesion of the ship, "deflect and colliding" wont work, unless my character is in possesion.




            For anyone wondering what RoccoFX is referring to:

            He's using Epic's free Flying-Pawn-BP demo project...

            It contains EventHit code that forces a manual Rotation...

            Obviously, It'd have helped to know that from the start.
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