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2D Pushable Box Problem

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    2D Pushable Box Problem

    Hello, fine people!

    First off, I'm pretty new to Unreal and Blueprints in general, coming mainly from and art/ design angle, so bear with the struggling artist..

    I'm totally stuck at having the character slide a fallen door along the floor towards the left (and only left). The fallen door spawns once he has knocked it to the ground, and the character should then get into place where the "Trigger Box" is, then hitting E (his action input) to set the "Pushing" flipbook and enabling the door to move toward the left when the character does. I've tried (A) making the door a physics object, unsuccessfully, and (B) Setting the location of the door on Tick as the character moves. This last version works, but the charcter keeps "dropping" the door , having to get into the trigger box again and again to move the door by tiny increments.

    My initial question is, basically, how should I be approaching this problem?

    I am of course, totally stuck on this, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, all!

    Hmm, what exactly is not working when you make the door a physics object? It just does not move at all?
    Do you apply sufficient force, have "simulate physics" enabled etc?
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      Well, I have three collision boxes on the BP. One "walkable" (for when, later, the door serves as a bridge), one "Trigger" for the Input action/Set Flipbook - which also i set to
      enable the "Pushable" box (the one intended to to serve as the physics object). Having gone through all the options collision presets for each of these (except the "trigger"), the result is either
      that the character cannot move the door getting stuck in between the wall behind him and the newly enabled collision. Or, nothing noticable happens at all, except that the flipbook changes.
      Upon returning to the editor I frequently get this error message:

      Invalid Simulate Options: Body (Door_Usable_02BP1_126.Pushable Box) is set to simulate physics but Collision Enabled is incompatible

      Im guessing the problem lies in the collision presets..?
      Should the physics be enabled on all three of these collisions, or just the sprite?

      And honestly, It's my first time mucking about with physics in UE4.