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Rotating Camera without having a movement input.

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    Rotating Camera without having a movement input.

    Hi all..

    Am working on this project, for which i am using the 3rd Person Template, and i am using a custom character for it.

    The character in question, is a very heavy dinosaur, and requires very low "Rotation rate" inputs to look realistic..

    Currently, the rotation of the camera is identical to the default template, and im using an "Add Controller Yaw/Pitch Input" to drive the camera movement...

    What i would like to know is, is there a way to use this same system, but not have the camera influence the rotation of the character, and it be individually driven by keyboard inputs. The keyboard inputs are fine, but when i rotate the mouse to orbit the camera, that invokes a turn on the character as well.. I couldn't figure out how to turn this off..

    I'm a beginner to unreal, so i apologize in advice



    Go to the Defaults panel of your dino BP and search for rotation in the search bar. Then enable Orient Rotation to Movement and disable Use Controller Rotation Yaw. And finally enable Use Controller View Rotation for the spring arm if it isnt already.
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