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Object/Mesh -> Display UMG

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    Object/Mesh -> Display UMG


    I'm looking for some insights if its possible to convert a object and display it in a UMG widget.

    Lets say, I have "X" item with a Mesh. When I pick it up, I want to be added to a UMG Window. However, I'd like to be able to show it, not as an image, but as an object. Why not an image? It COULD be an image, however an image is square. I want it to be that only the object itself could be clicked and dragged. With a transparent image if you will click on the "transparent" part, it will drag the whole image. If there would be an option to ignore the click on the transparent part of the image, Id do it that way though.

    So summary,
    Display word object in a UMG window, where only the object itself can be clicked/dragged (no transparent parts). No need for things like rotate it and stuff, just display and click