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On Perforce Sync, Blueprint Compile Error

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    On Perforce Sync, Blueprint Compile Error

    I just got Perforce up and running using Allar's tutorial ( and the info on the Unreal docs. The typemap is copied from there. The server is on Digital Ocean with Ubuntu 14.
    Right now how I'm working is:
    1) I boot up my project, login to Perforce. (Every time I boot it up I have to re-enter all the details. Is that normal?)
    2) In Unreal I right click the /Content directory and do "Sync" in the source control options so I can get all the latest changes. It syncs from the depot and I get the changes a friend made or that I made from a home computer.

    Then when I start the project, I get a huge blueprint failure. Every blueprint that uses enums that I made fails. It doesn't recognize the enums. If I right click on them and do "refresh" the errors go away but then the code doesn't run and it's like it ignores those variables entirely. I don 't save, quit the project, start it back up again and then it seems to work and the updates from the depot are applied. At least so far. I'm nervous that one day the blueprint compile errors will not go away.

    Anyone have any idea why this is happening? Am I missing something?
    Thanks so much for any help!
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    If anyone comes here with this error - I noticed I don't get these errors when instead of syncing in Unreal, I Sync the Workspace from the Perforce visual client and then I open the .uproject file from p4v.