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Export Vector values and game time to excel or csv

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    Export Vector values and game time to excel or csv

    Hi guys,
    I am working on my master’s thesis research. I have to make several test on different users and i have to get a lot of data from their play.. For exemple I have to store the device postion (VR headset) for every 0,25 s to make charts... Is there any possibilty to export arrays (after player finish game ) to the excel file in differet collumns/rows to change into chart easly?
    I want ask also how to call event for every 0,25 s from the game beign -for exemple: for every 0.25s save game postion.

    Converting an array of vectors to a string with commas is simple task; then you ca use "FFileHelper" class to write the string to your text file.

    If you want specifically Excel format then you'll have to implement a custom C API to export strings to that file format from the engine.
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