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Third Person Movement

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    Third Person Movement

    Hi! I'm trying to implement basic third person character movement. So I've gotten crouch and aim to work but separately and my problem is to get them working together. What I mean by them working separately is when I go to character blueprint (see photo) to implement the movement the calculate direction can only go to one of the set direction, so I can only choose either aim or crouch. Is there a way to have it like the red lines I drew on?

    I'm total newbie when it comes to unreal so any help is greatly appreciated


    I don't realy see where the problem is. All you have to do is something like that :

    Click image for larger version

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      There is a node called Sequence (Hold S and click anywhere to quickly add one) it allows you to do what I think you want to do. One input, multiple outputs. The return value should be able to split to both Set nodes.
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