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read the color value of a texture in blueprint script

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    read the color value of a texture in blueprint script


    Can I read the value of a color in a png and bmp file in unreal blueprint ? I try to avoid passing by C++ if possible.

    basically I create a very small image (10x10) with 2 color (black and white), and I try to have a blueprint read those value to create a small map (0 will be wall, and 1 will be path as an example).

    if image file are not usable, I can convert it to text, but I dont know neither how to read a text file from blueprint, so if you have the answer, I can try using text instead (but I would prefer to use image file, as it is more visual to change the level in a tool like photoshop than in a text editor ^^).

    I once thought about something similar. A heatmap of my level that corresponds to worldpositions within a certain range....
    It ocurred to me then that the textures and their sampling node can only work within the material editor context since all they are in the end just visual representations of HLSL shader code.

    It would be awesome though if something like that could be integrated into Blueprints.
    Having something like a "2D curve" to drive values, based on textures for intuitive editing