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Client won't play any animations

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    Client won't play any animations

    Hi there,
    i'm working on a "chess like" turn based game project and every things was working alright until i tried a multiplayer session, it appears that the client is not playing any animation while it works all fine on Server. The Replication is set up on my actors and characters so i can see them move around in the client but the animation won't work. I don't need the animation to be played and synchronized through the network via replication i just need the animation to be played. Fore example the Idle animation is supposed to be played when the game starts.
    I tried different setups like event begin play -> play animation on the character, setting the idle animation sequence as default on the characters skeletal mesh component or setting up an animation BP.
    every times i get the same problem, works on Server but not on Client.

    Isn't it supposed to be working ?
    What am i doing wrong ?
    Any ideas ?

    Also BP communication between my actors and player controller or game mode are not working on client as well, maybe the problems are liked ?

    Thanks in advance for your time

    Two things...

    Post your Blueprint image on this site so that we can see it without being asked to login to Google.

    Isolate the variables that turn your animations on / off and make sure that they are replicated / sent with a multicast to all clients.


      ty for your answer,

      well i tried uploading the BP image on the site but i keep getting an error saying "Missing PHP temporary folder; check upload_tmp_dir" preventing me to do so. Sorry for that.

      My Idle animation is supposed to be played by default, therefore i had no variables to trigger it. But i tried setting up a variable in order to control it wich i replicated / sent with multicast to all client , tried to run on server or owning client and still get the same result.. works on server but not on client.

      i Still don't understand why the idle animation won't work if set by Default on the skelatal mesh i don't get why i need to run Rpc's to activate it, i just wan't it to run by default

      i'd love to send more BP images but still don't work for me